Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Start of instrumentation field course Twente

The first day of the field course was an excursion to see the geology of the Dinkel River valley in Twente, This landscape was shaped by the ice cover that existed during the last ice ages. We started the rotation of groups yesterday. Koos teaches river discharge measurement techniques, Michel does the geophysics, John makes a bicycle tour to study variation of hydrochemistry along the Dinkel River and its tributaries and I am doing soil physics and micrometeorology. The four groups of students follow all these day programmes by a rotation system. 
We are studying, while a lot of Dutch celebrate a short holiday or are getting their wedding pictures taken. You can see the activity in the picture below, where we do TDR soil moisture measurements on a popular beach along the Dinkel River. 

Soil moisture measurements on the Dinkel beach
At the same spot, Bart, Jelmer, Jet and Vince were having a tensiometer party today and when we went to the meteorology tower afterward, we saw another group of students doing geophysics in a meadow of a very friendly dairy farmer.

Bart, Jelmer, Jet and Vince with tensiometers

EM-34 geophysics in grass

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