Saturday, May 11, 2013

Groundwater pumping

Laurus wanted to train his biceps today, he had cycled with the cart behind his bicycle for many days training his legs and felt that he needed to train some other parts of his body, all to impress of course. So to accomodate him we went to install a piezometer and do a pumping test.

Laurus in mental preparation while Eisse takes notes and translates Dutch expressions to English
Installing a piezometer by hand is quite a happening and looks funny if you are the person working the casing into the ground. But hey, anybody can do this.

Anne looking happy while Thomas trained his muscles and Koos standing by

 After this exercise the pump was ready and everybody took their positions around the observation wells. Koos explained how to use the water level sounding devices. 

Worshiping a sounding device

Pumping started and the sounding devices strated screaming like pigs. Here is an action picture of the pump,Joris and Aikaterini and Eisse without head.

The pumping test by students

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