Thursday, June 27, 2013

End of field measurement campaign: the BBQ

We are all well-known in the research area by now - suddenly in June a lot of young people arrive, driving cars and jumping out at places where a normal Portuguese youngster would never go to measure "water things". We also have our favorite bars and lunch places. Mario and Carolina's Veneluso bar is one of these places where we often meet to have lunch. These are very nice people and we would like to thank them for their hospitality. Mario e carolina, Muito Obrigado!!! This year , after taking the sapflow and meteorology equipment out, we were invited by the owners of Restaurante Sesta in Covao do Lobo for a barbeque. They have a place where you can organise big weddings and play a game of futball. Big thanks!!!

Game of futball, girl power always wins
Dinner with carne, sardinhas, saladinhas, pao and cerveja.
This was more or less the end of the field campaign. Today Michel and I collected all the hydrological equipment at the student's house in Barra and managed to squeeze everything back in the Ford Transit for our two-day trip to Amsterdam. Next week the reporting phase will start and the course ends in three weeks. I am sure we all enjoyed it and learned a lot!

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